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Doggie Fun

We have lots of fun around here and laugh often at the antics of the dogs. Some of these moments have been captured here.

Camera Hog

Luna is the topic of many of my fun and funny photos. She was an extremely inquisitive pup. I would be ready to take a photo, and...there's Luna!

Luna The Dog

I think this is the least flattering picture of an adorable pup...but it is still cute.

Team SubZero Avoiding Puppy Luna

This is the result of 5 adult Siberians trying to get up and out of the reach of a Siberian puppy. Notice that 4 of them are crammed onto half of the sofa, while Miss Behaving her self is comfortably sprawled out.

Jada and Little Luna

Eventually every Siberian puppy finds a friend, someone who will share their toys.

Tasha and Blue

This photo was taken after the 2007 Mannsville Quest. I ran Tasha and Blue in lead and they did a really great job together.

Mommy Blue

Blue did have 1 litter of pups some time before she came to live with us. She has never really forgotten her love of little ones. In this photo she is playing Mommy to a Jack Russel puppy that I was baby sitting, what a good girl she is.

Tired Poo-Poo

Somewhere along the line Cadence picked up the nick name of "Poo-Poo". I really do not recall how exactly this happened but the name stuck. Now, the name Poo-Poo certainly does not conjure images of a big, tough, alpha lead dog does it? Well, Cadence certainly is all that and more...she's really cute too! This was a photo taken on a return trip from the 2007 Run Dawg Run Dry Land event held in Lake Placid, NY.

Puppy Cadence

Now, this is the epitome of cute! This photo actually appeared on the cover of Mushing Magazine (September/October 2002 edition)...our own little Cover Girl.

Winter Fun

You cannot have mushing without the mushers themselves...and we are quite a crew at that. This was taken at Harris Lodge, in Sandy Creek, NY after the 2007 Mannsville Quest. Mushers believe in communal lodging arrangements at dog's much more fun that way!

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