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John and I, along with countless other PSDC club members, provide an active series of demonstrations open to the public in atempts to educate people regarding the care and maintence of sled dogs. Our goal is to provide accurate and up to date information about dog powered sporta and to dispell common myths surrounding the sport. We visit scout groups, libraries, schools, clubs, nursing homes and other public events such as winter festivals.

From Rags to Riches

Tasha, despite her rough beginning and fear of people, has become a favorite with children at demos. She appears to love the attention and is very patient with crowds.

Invisible Fence Demo 2007

This demo caters to the dog lover, with exhibits from many differnt dog centered activities.

Western Town Library

For the past 6 years my father and I, along with a handful of friends, have done a demo at a local library. We always schedule this during the kids' winter break (a week in February in upstate NY). Many community members attend along with hundreds (literally hundreds) of children seeking some thing to do while on break.

Library Demo 2006

We even give short rides to these hundreds of children...many await the chance all year long and begin to pester the librarian in December about scheduling.

WFRA Winterfest 2008

This past year the PSDC worked with WFRA (Winona Forest Recreation Association) on a winter festival. We utilized part of the trail system used in the annual Tug Hill Challenge, Mannsville Quest and Winona Dog Derby to provide rides for festival goers.

School Career and Hobby Expo

I was invited to a local school last year to set up a booth for a career and hobby expo open to High School students. I provided information regarding: the veterinary technician profession, biology teaching, the non-for profit club secretary position and sled dog training and racing.

Brockway Truck Demo, Cortland, NY

Although Brockway trucks are out of production they have not fallen out of least with some people. Their mascot, or truck hood ornament, was none other than a harnessed husky. So, what better attraction at their annual gathering than a real live sled dog team.

WFRA Winterfest 2008

Winter festivals are not only about the dogs...they are also about the bears.

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